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rally in virginia governor romney said mr. obama doesn't understand business. while the obama campaign accuses governor romney of lurching false attacks and false attacks. here's breaking news. penn state former president has been charged in the cherries and dusky molestation scandal. he's accused of charges. the school's president for 16 years is the third officially to be accused of crimes in an alleged cover-up. those are your news headlines this hour on the fox business network. back to melissa and lori. lori: thank you so much. breaking news in the aftermath of sandy. con edison said ma it may take until next saturday or sunday, a week from this weekend november 10 or 11th restoring power to some customers. those served by underground networks in midtown and lower manhattan who lost power during the storm will have their service back by this saturday. lori: that affects me. melissa: come on over, we have plenty of room. lori: an unbelievable tragedy. this is the swath of damage and it is unbelievable. melissa: you can come on over, we're happy to have you. the dogs might have to s
the election ap has filed the catawba campaign donors. for president obama more than three million each from chicago media group founder and hedge fund manager and hollywood film producer. recognize mr. katzenberg. for governor romney the numbers are much higher led by sheldon adelson and $44 million followed by founder of conglomerate and head of huge real-estate empire. those are the numbers. dennis: let's get to the stock exchange. starts a 315 minutes. what a rally. nicole: what a rally. the dow agenda industrials remained to the upside, about 140 points. we are off of earlier highs but winning day on wall street. this as europe is closing so this is something we will watch and the volume dropping after europe closed so we will watch for that as well. we are seeing gains across the board like home depot and things that are related to the cleanup of sandy or the aftermath of sandy. those things are doing better. i want to look at names that is in the earnings front which is cigna. you see an up arrow hitting a 52 week high. membership growing and that certainly helps their profits. they b
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2